Softball Workouts- Leg workout

Before you start make sure you stretch. Start by going through the list at least one time but do more if you are able too. Take breaks when necessary.

  • 30 squats
  • 15 one footed jumps side to side (Do your other foot after)
  • 25 two footed jumps side to side
  • 10 vertical jumps
  • 10 horizontal jumps
  • 30 seconds straight of high knees
  • 20 jumping lunges (Rotate legs)

Softball Workouts- Hitting Drills

This is a really good drill to help with hitting the ball where you want and contact. Start off by hitting 10 fly balls to left field. Then hit 10 to centre. After do the same to right field. Then start over but this time hit line drives to each field. After you are done that hit ground balls 10 times to each field. You can do this off a tee or a pitcher.

Softball Workouts- Pitching Tips

Image showing thrower in post pitching tipsFeatured below are throwing tips to help improve your throwing accuracy and throwing power. Even though these tip are very basic they are very important to making a better throw. So make sure that you are doing the tips below.

-One of the most important techniques for pitching in any form of base ball is when you are starting your wind up keep your feet together. This will help a lot with your accuracy.

– Another important tip that will help your accuracy is to follow through with your throw. When you let go of the ball don’t stop your arm. You want to let your arm go freely. This will allow the pitch to be more accurate because you are not suddenly changing your arm speed.

-Also make sure you stretch out both of your arms and shoulder before you throw to help prevent injury. Also it will help you achieve your maximum velocity and accuracy.

Softball Workouts- Hitting Tips

-When you are waiting for the pitch put all of your weight on your back foot and when you go to swing transfer your weight to your front foot. This will help generate more power.

-In your batting stance try to keep your elbow pointed up. This will help you drive through the ball better and will create more power and contact.

-Another tip for your batting stance is to keep your front elbow tucked in. This will make your swing smoother and easier to make solid contact on the ball. It will also help your hands move faster.

-If you want to hit the ball farther having a bigger leg kick could help you do this. But if you do this it could mess up your timing and make your contact worst. This is something you should try out though.

-If you want to get better contact on the ball you can do the opposite of the previous tip. All you have to do is have a smaller leg kick or completely eliminate your leg kick. Though the negative affects of this could be messed up timing and worst power. But this is something you should experiment with in practice.

Softball Stretches

Arms/Shoulder: So our first stretch all you have to do is put your elbow in your other arms forearm joint and pull it across your body. Hold it for about 10 seconds then switch.

Neck: Reach straight out all the way with your arms. Then press the backs of your hands against each other and look straight down. Hold this for about 15 seconds.

Legs/Back: Start with a deep lunge and hold it. While you’re holding it twist your upper body side to side. Repeat this around 20 times.

Hips/Legs: Start by  standing up straight. Then lift your knee up as far as you can then swing it out to the side. After swing your knee back in and put your leg down. Switch between your left and right leg and do this about 10 times for each leg.

Softball Workouts- Arm Strength

Image showing softball workoutSo for this softball workout we recommend that you stretch your arms before this to help prevent injury. This drill will focus on your arm strength.

To start off you and a partner need to be standing about 15 feet away from each other. Then after you throw it a couple of times take a step back. Then after you throw it a couple more times take another step back. So you will just keep taking a step back every couple of throws. So you’re at the point were you are throwing almost to your max distance. Over time you should notice that you will be able to throw a quite a bit farther than when you started.