Softball Workouts- Fly Ball Drills

Chain linked fence in post Fly Ball DrillsIn this post we will be sharing several fly ball drills that are to be done with a team at practice. These drills will help every player no matter what position they play. For these drills you will need someone to either hit or throw fly balls.

Fly Ball Drills:

  • For our first drill you will need the player to be at second base and a coach who is hitting/throwing to be at the plate. The coach will start by rolling a ball slowly while the player charges in and throws it back to the coach. Then right when the coach gets the ball they’re going to throw a fly ball ¬†over the players head so they have to run back and get it. This drill is really good for outfielders.
  • To set up the next drill the coach should be standing about 40 feet away from the player. The coach will throw it straight up in the air and the player will try to catch the ball before it hits the ground. This will help improve with catching on the run but also quickness.
  • For our last drill you will need a player in the outfield, a base runner on third, and a coach to hit balls at the plate. The coach will hit the ball to the player in the outfield and as soon as they catch it the runner will start to run to the plate. Then the outfielder will throw it to the catcher and try to get them out.

Softball Workouts- Softball Infield Drills

Image showing baseball infield related to Softball Infield Drills which is the subjectSo for our post today we will be sharing some softball infield drills. These drills that we are going to be sharing are easier to do if you have a team of at least 10 players. You will need somebody to hit ground balls and someone to catch balls on first base.

  • You will want to line up your players evenly behind second and third base. Next you will hit a ground ball to the line at second base. Then while the ground ball is being received the player at third base is going to run towards second base. When the player catches the ground ball they’re going to toss it behind them to the player coming from third base. Then that player is going to throw it to first base.
  • For our next softball drill you will need a first, second, and third baseman. You will start by hitting the ball to the third baseman and they will throw it to first. Then they will throw it to second. After you will hit the ball to the second baseman and they will throw it to first followed by a throw to third. Next you will hit the ball to the first baseman who will throw it to second followed by a throw to third. Repeat this at least twice with each set of players.
  • For our final drill it will be a double play drill. You will have to have a first and second baseman. You will also need a short stop. Next will hit a ground ball to the second baseman who will flip it to second followed by a throw to first.

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Softball Workouts- Indoor Softball Drills

Image showing gym were indoor softball drills are held.Today we will be sharing indoor softball drills that would be very useful for coaches if you’re having indoor tryouts. Also if for some reason you can’t practice outside due to weather. Before we get into the drills I just want to note that majority of these drills will be fielding drills. This is due to the difficulty to do hitting in a smaller enclosed space.

Indoor Softball Drills:

  • The first drill that I would like to share with you is a fly ball/ ground ball drill. This drill focuses on outfielders but is helpful for everybody. You will be standing about 50 feet away from the player (if there’s enough space) that will be catching the ball. So you are going to start off with a slow ground ball. Then you will go with a line drive. After you will want to do a faster ground ball than before and follow up with a line drive again. Then finally hit an even faster ground ball followed by another line drive. I would recommend going through this drill twice with each player. Also since this is indoor you can choose to either throw or hit the ball. But if you want to have one of your players hit/throw the balls instead of the coach this could help improve both the players.
  • Next we have a drill/game that would also be a very good drill for outdoors too. This a another fielding drill but is also a fun game. So you want to gather all of your players up in a circle without gloves. Then you want them to pass around a ball as fast as they can. If somebody drops it they’re out and you keep going until there is only one person left. This will help with transitioning from catching the ball to throwing the ball. It will help get your throws off quicker. Also you can add more than one ball to make it more fast pace.
  • This last workout that I have for is a fitness/ indoor softball drill. You want to have two coaches 30 feet apart each will start with a ball. Then a player will run towards the other coach with a ball. The coach will toss a the ball up and the player will catch it then hand the ball to the coach. After the player will run to the other coach and do the same hand offs. They will repeat this how ever many times you want. This drill will help improve hand eye¬†coordination and physical fitness.

Softball Workouts- Softball Fielding Drills #1

We have a softball fielding drillsImage showing softball player related to softball fielding drills. for you today. This is a good drill for coaches to teach at practice and can be helpful for amateurs and professionals. You will need 4 fielders and somebody to hit ground balls. Make sure to stretch your legs and arms for this drill. This is a drill that you could easily add to every practice and will start to notice major fielding improvements very quickly. This shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to go through the entire drill once.

Softball Fielding Drills:

  • Start off by hitting a ground ball to the third baseman and they’re going to throw it back to the hitter. Then hit another ground ball to the third baseman and then they will throw it to second base. Then do the same play again but throw it to first. Next you will roll the ball slowly to the third baseman and they will charge the ball and throw it to second baseman, who will throw it to first for the double play. Then after you will repeat this with the other three fielders also.

Softball Workouts- Fielding Drill (Fly Balls And Line Drives)

This drill is mainly focused on outfielders but this would help improve infielders defensive skills also. For this drill you will really want to stretch your legs, arms, and shoulders. You will need someone to hit to you. I would also recommend doing this in the outfield.

After you catch it every time throw it to the cut off player.

  • 15 Line drives while running towards the batter
  • 15 Line drive while running away from the batter
  • 15 Fly balls while running towards the batter
  • 15 Fly balls while running away from the batter
  • 5 Line drives while running to the right
  • 5 Line drives while running to the left
  • 5 Fly balls while running to the right
  • 5 Fly balls while running to the left
  • 20 Line drives to any direction
  • 20 Fly balls to any direction

Softball Workouts- Fielding Drill (Ground Balls)

Even though this is a fielding drill this is also a good workout for your legs and your throwing arm. But this drill focuses on your fielding and throwing form and technique.

If you have a first baseman throw it to them after you receive the ball.

  • 10 stationary ground balls
  • 10 ground balls while running to the right
  • 10 ground balls while running to the left
  • 10 ground balls while running towards the batter

After you finish I recommend that you repeat the list again but go on the opposite side you were just on.

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Softball Workouts- Hitting Drills

This is a really good drill to help with hitting the ball where you want and contact. Start off by hitting 10 fly balls to left field. Then hit 10 to centre. After do the same to right field. Then start over but this time hit line drives to each field. After you are done that hit ground balls 10 times to each field. You can do this off a tee or a pitcher.

Softball Workouts- Arm Strength

Image showing softball workoutSo for this softball workout we recommend that you stretch your arms before this to help prevent injury. This drill will focus on your arm strength.

To start off you and a partner need to be standing about 15 feet away from each other. Then after you throw it a couple of times take a step back. Then after you throw it a couple more times take another step back. So you will just keep taking a step back every couple of throws. So you’re at the point were you are throwing almost to your max distance. Over time you should notice that you will be able to throw a quite a bit farther than when you started.