Softball Workouts- Base running Tips

Image showing home plate on base running tips page In this post I will be talking about base running tips to help you maximise your speed around the bases. Just note that these will be basic skills for beginners but can still help anybody.

Base Running Tips:

  • The first tip is that whenever you’re in doubt of getting out always slide.
  • If you are on second base and the ball is hit to the short stop be cautious about advancing, but if the ball is hit to the second baseman always advance after you know that they’re throwing the ball to first base.
  • When you run to the base don’t run straight to the base. You want to run to it on an arch so it’s easier to round the base. But only do this if there is a chance you might advance more than one base.
  • When you are tagging up, don’t wait to see the player catch the ball. Leave just before they catch it because it takes time for you to react so by the time they catch it you will just be taking off. This will give you about 0.5 extra seconds.