Softball Workouts-Infielder Tips

Baseball glove in post Infielder TipsThis post today will focus entirely on fielding for infielders and infielder tips. Even if you don’t play the infield there is still a lot of useful tips in this article. All of these tips are based on game situations and will help you decrease the number of errors. But will also help increase the number of players you get out.

Infielder Tips:

  • Whenever you are receiving a ground ball and have enough time do the follow. Always try to receive the ball where the middle of your chest aligns with the ground.
  • When you are trying to throw on the run and throw across your body, never throw over top like you normally would. You always want to throw from the side for better power and accuracy.
  •   Whenever you have just received the ball always bring it to your chest before you attempt to throw. This will improve your accuracy a lot but will also help with your throwing power.