Softball Workouts- Hitting Tips

-When you are waiting for the pitch put all of your weight on your back foot and when you go to swing transfer your weight to your front foot. This will help generate more power.

-In your batting stance try to keep your elbow pointed up. This will help you drive through the ball better and will create more power and contact.

-Another tip for your batting stance is to keep your front elbow tucked in. This will make your swing smoother and easier to make solid contact on the ball. It will also help your hands move faster.

-If you want to hit the ball farther having a bigger leg kick could help you do this. But if you do this it could mess up your timing and make your contact worst. This is something you should try out though.

-If you want to get better contact on the ball you can do the opposite of the previous tip. All you have to do is have a smaller leg kick or completely eliminate your leg kick. Though the negative affects of this could be messed up timing and worst power. But this is something you should experiment with in practice.