Softball Workouts- 5 Hitting Tips

In this new post we will be sharing 5 softball hitting tips to improve your swing. This post will focus on the 5 key areas the are most important to being a very successful hitter. You should make sure that you are doing all of these tips. These tips will help you have better contact and power. Even if you are already doing one of these you should make sure your doing them all.

5 Hitting Tips

1- Grip: When you are gripping your bat make sure to have a firm grip with your fingers and palms but keep your wrist loose.

2-Bat Position: Your bat should be above your shoulder but not resting on it. Also you want the bat to always be pointing up and not to the ground.

3-Swing: Throughout the process of your swing the main goal is to transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot then put all of that power into hitting the ball.

4-Contact: When you make contact with the ball you always want your bat to be level for a more powerful swing and a better chance of it hitting the barrel of the bat.

5-Follow Through: Your follow through is as important as the contact because this generates a lot of power. After you make contact with the ball you want to push right through the ball and keep pushing until you can’t bend anymore. This will make for a more powerful swing.

Softball Workouts- Workout Tips

Image showing weights in post workout tipsThis article will be focusing on workout tips and what to do so it’s more effective. You can use all have these tips in our various workouts. There is a pretty good chance that you are already doing at least one of these tips. But remember that it doesn’t matter if you’re working out if you are not doing it right. So after you read this article go try these tips in our 10 Minute Workout.

Workout Tips:

  • This first tip might seem pretty obvious to some people but it is crucial to avoid injury. Always remember to never workout the same part of the body two days in a row. Even if you are only trying to improve one part of your body an injury will make it harder to reach your goal.
  • For this tip it will help make your workouts more effective. When you are working out and it starts to burn that is when you are actually starting to gain muscles. So if you stop as soon as it starts to burn your not doing anything for your body. This is the real meaning of pushing yourself because if your not your muscles wont get bigger.
  •  This last tip will help for effectiveness and avoiding injury. Whenever  you are doing a workout and you feel like your going to strain something just be natural. Always try to keep your body parts in a position that feels normal. But this will improve your workouts because if your are trying not to strain something chances are your are not doing the move right anyways.


Softball Workouts-Outfielder Tips

Image showing baseball glove in the post outfield tips In this post we will be sharing outfielder tips that you must do if you want to reach your potential. A lot of you will already be doing majority of these tips but it is crucial that they are included in your game. But remember even if you think these tips are for beginners and you don’t need to do them. I promise that you must be doing these tips.

Outfielder Tips:

  • The first tip is one that I would expect most people to already be doing but it is important. Whenever you field the ball and you know you have no chance of throwing the runner out. Always throw it to the cut off. This will help avoid errors and injury from throwing to hard.
  • The next tip that we have is focused towards fielding and avoiding errors. When you are fielding a ground ball or line drive never take it on the short hop. But don’t do this to the point where it makes you cause the error you were trying to prevent. The reason for doing this is that most of you know how some outfields are very unpredictable. If you don’t receive the ball on the short hop you will have a lot more time to react if the ball changes directions.
  • The last tip that will be featured in this post will focus on throwing from the outfield. You should always remember that it’s better to throw to short than to far. What I mean by this is that it’s better to bounce it than over throw it. The obvious reason for this is that if you throw it over the players head they have no chance at catching the ball. But if you bounce it they player still has a good chance of catching it. So you always want to try to throw it right to the player. But I recommend you throw it with less of an arc and more like a line drive.

Softball Workouts- Softball Throwing Tips

In this new tip segment we will focus on Softball Throwing Tips be helping you improve your throwing power and accuracy.  We will be teaching skills that you may already know and that will help improve any position. Even though these are basic drills they are very crucial to the game. If you are a softball or baseball coach these are very important for your players to do when their throwing.


  • The first throwing tip is whenever you are throwing you want to point your front toe wherever you are trying to throw it. This will increase your accuracy drastically.
  • The next throwing tip that I have for you is to always plant your back foot before your front foot when throwing. This will help increase your accuracy as well as throwing power.
  • This tip is for infielders that are charging in on the ball. You always want to charge on the ball straight on to have better momentum towards your throwing target. This will help your throwing power.
  • The last tip that we have for you today is mainly for infielders. When you are running to the side to get a ground ball. Also if you have enough time try to plant your back foot before you throw.

Softball Workouts- Base running Tips

Image showing home plate on base running tips page In this post I will be talking about base running tips to help you maximise your speed around the bases. Just note that these will be basic skills for beginners but can still help anybody.

Base Running Tips:

  • The first tip is that whenever you’re in doubt of getting out always slide.
  • If you are on second base and the ball is hit to the short stop be cautious about advancing, but if the ball is hit to the second baseman always advance after you know that they’re throwing the ball to first base.
  • When you run to the base don’t run straight to the base. You want to run to it on an arch so it’s easier to round the base. But only do this if there is a chance you might advance more than one base.
  • When you are tagging up, don’t wait to see the player catch the ball. Leave just before they catch it because it takes time for you to react so by the time they catch it you will just be taking off. This will give you about 0.5 extra seconds.

Softball Workouts- Pitching Tips

Image showing thrower in post pitching tipsFeatured below are throwing tips to help improve your throwing accuracy and throwing power. Even though these tip are very basic they are very important to making a better throw. So make sure that you are doing the tips below.

-One of the most important techniques for pitching in any form of base ball is when you are starting your wind up keep your feet together. This will help a lot with your accuracy.

– Another important tip that will help your accuracy is to follow through with your throw. When you let go of the ball don’t stop your arm. You want to let your arm go freely. This will allow the pitch to be more accurate because you are not suddenly changing your arm speed.

-Also make sure you stretch out both of your arms and shoulder before you throw to help prevent injury. Also it will help you achieve your maximum velocity and accuracy.

Softball Workouts- Hitting Tips

-When you are waiting for the pitch put all of your weight on your back foot and when you go to swing transfer your weight to your front foot. This will help generate more power.

-In your batting stance try to keep your elbow pointed up. This will help you drive through the ball better and will create more power and contact.

-Another tip for your batting stance is to keep your front elbow tucked in. This will make your swing smoother and easier to make solid contact on the ball. It will also help your hands move faster.

-If you want to hit the ball farther having a bigger leg kick could help you do this. But if you do this it could mess up your timing and make your contact worst. This is something you should try out though.

-If you want to get better contact on the ball you can do the opposite of the previous tip. All you have to do is have a smaller leg kick or completely eliminate your leg kick. Though the negative affects of this could be messed up timing and worst power. But this is something you should experiment with in practice.

Softball Stretches

Arms/Shoulder: So our first stretch all you have to do is put your elbow in your other arms forearm joint and pull it across your body. Hold it for about 10 seconds then switch.

Neck: Reach straight out all the way with your arms. Then press the backs of your hands against each other and look straight down. Hold this for about 15 seconds.

Legs/Back: Start with a deep lunge and hold it. While you’re holding it twist your upper body side to side. Repeat this around 20 times.

Hips/Legs: Start by  standing up straight. Then lift your knee up as far as you can then swing it out to the side. After swing your knee back in and put your leg down. Switch between your left and right leg and do this about 10 times for each leg.