Softball Workouts- Fly Ball Drills

Chain linked fence in post Fly Ball DrillsIn this post we will be sharing several fly ball drills that are to be done with a team at practice. These drills will help every player no matter what position they play. For these drills you will need someone to either hit or throw fly balls.

Fly Ball Drills:

  • For our first drill you will need the player to be at second base and a coach who is hitting/throwing to be at the plate. The coach will start by rolling a ball slowly while the player charges in and throws it back to the coach. Then right when the coach gets the ball they’re going to throw a fly ball ¬†over the players head so they have to run back and get it. This drill is really good for outfielders.
  • To set up the next drill the coach should be standing about 40 feet away from the player. The coach will throw it straight up in the air and the player will try to catch the ball before it hits the ground. This will help improve with catching on the run but also quickness.
  • For our last drill you will need a player in the outfield, a base runner on third, and a coach to hit balls at the plate. The coach will hit the ball to the player in the outfield and as soon as they catch it the runner will start to run to the plate. Then the outfielder will throw it to the catcher and try to get them out.