Softball Workouts-Outfielder Tips

Image showing baseball glove in the post outfield tips In this post we will be sharing outfielder tips that you must do if you want to reach your potential. A lot of you will already be doing majority of these tips but it is crucial that they are included in your game. But remember even if you think these tips are for beginners and you don’t need to do them. I promise that you must be doing these tips.

Outfielder Tips:

  • The first tip is one that I would expect most people to already be doing but it is important. Whenever you field the ball and you know you have no chance of throwing the runner out. Always throw it to the cut off. This will help avoid errors and injury from throwing to hard.
  • The next tip that we have is focused towards fielding and avoiding errors. When you are fielding a ground ball or line drive never take it on the short hop. But don’t do this to the point where it makes you cause the error you were trying to prevent. The reason for doing this is that most of you know how some outfields are very unpredictable. If you don’t receive the ball on the short hop you will have a lot more time to react if the ball changes directions.
  • The last tip that will be featured in this post will focus on throwing from the outfield. You should always remember that it’s better to throw to short than to far. What I mean by this is that it’s better to bounce it than over throw it. The obvious reason for this is that if you throw it over the players head they have no chance at catching the ball. But if you bounce it they player still has a good chance of catching it. So you always want to try to throw it right to the player. But I recommend you throw it with less of an arc and more like a line drive.