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 Latest Post: 5 Hitting Tips

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In this new post we will be sharing 5 softball hitting tips to improve your swing. This post will focus on the 5 key areas the are most important to being a very successful hitter. You should make sure that you are doing all of these tips. These tips will help you have better contact and power. Even if you are already doing one of these you should make sure your doing them all.

5 Hitting Tips

1- Grip: When you are gripping your bat make sure to have a firm grip with your fingers and palms but keep your wrist loose.

2-Bat Position: Your bat should be above your shoulder but not resting on it. Also you want the bat to always be pointing up and not to the ground.

3-Swing: Throughout the process of your swing the main goal is to transfer your weight from your back foot to your front foot then put all of that power into hitting the ball.

4-Contact: When you make contact with the ball you always want your bat to be level for a more powerful swing and a better chance of it hitting the barrel of the bat.

5-Follow Through: Your follow through is as important as the contact because this generates a lot of power. After you make contact with the ball you want to push right through the ball and keep pushing until you can’t bend anymore. This will make for a more powerful swing.

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